Guides on technologies, tools, and practices

When to use Docker? What are encodings, DNS, and Webpack? How to learn touch typing? And much more

How can you go back to any version of your code from the past, view the history of changes, or collaborate without fear of losing data? Talking about version control

This guide will explain how using Makefile will reduce the process of deploying a project to a few short and clear commands

Sometimes, your mind makes you doubt yourself when problems arise. That’s OK, you just need to learn to perceive it.

Code delivery to the production server. Database migration. Zero Downtime Deployment. Ansible, Kubernetes.

Find out what virtualization is and how it works. It allows you to run an operating system like a regular program on your computer.

Approaches to testing, deployment, development, and processes.

The right approach to installing programming languages and updating them. Universal asdf version manager.

Most of the problems that beginners face have already been solved and described. You just need to learn how to find the solutions and answers you need.

Errors are unavoidable, so you should be able both to track and prevent them. There are services that can help manage this task.

How services interact with each other. Understanding HTTP, JSON, XML technologies

What is DNS, how it works on the Internet, what are the resource records (explanation and examples)

How do you build a project infrastructure, and how do you bundle and run services? We'll discuss isolating processes in the operating system without relying on heavy virtualization.